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Property Buy/Sell

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Property Buy/Sell

In Anush Realestate we provide comprehensive assistance to our clients who want to buy or sell real estate properties in and around Thanjavur district.

Our buy/sell services typically includes following responsibilities:

Property Listing and Marketing

For sellers, you would help create attractive property listings, professional photography, and effective marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and increase the chances of a successful sale.

Property Search and Matching

For buyers, you would assist in finding suitable properties that match their preferences and requirements, considering factors such as budget, location, size, and amenities.

Market Analysis

Conducting detailed market analysis to help clients understand the current real estate trends, property values, and potential for appreciation in their target areas.


Facilitating negotiations between buyers and sellers to ensure fair deals for both parties and help reach mutually beneficial agreements.

Legal and Financial Guidance

Offering guidance on legal and financial matters related to property transactions, including assistance with paperwork, contracts, and financing options.

Property Inspections

Arranging property inspections for buyers to ensure that the property is in good condition and free from major issues before finalizing the purchase.

Closing Process

Assisting clients through the entire closing process, including coordinating with all relevant parties, such as real estate agents, lawyers, and lenders.

After-Sales Support

Providing support even after the sale is completed, addressing any post-purchase concerns or questions that may arise.

Overall, our property buy and sell service aims to simplify the process for you to go through the transaction and ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

To know more about our property buy and sell service please contact us by filling the form.